National UFAAS Stakeholders Dialogue workshop on Climate Smart Agriculture

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Uganda Landcare Network (ULN) participated in the Forum for Agricultural and Advisory Services organised and Invited to a national stakeholder dialogue on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) that was held on held at Hotel Africana, Kampala.

The dialogue was organized in context of the CAADP-XP4 project which prioritizes climate smart agriculture (CSA) interventions through country fora of AFAAS, such as the Uganda forum for Agricultural advisory services (UFAAS). The project aims to facilitate the scaling of CSA activities towards improved food and income security at national and regional level in Uganda under a grant to implement a project titled ‘Enhancing the scalability of CSA among AEAS actors in Uganda’

The project aims to facilitate the scaling of CSA activities towards improved food production and incomes both at national and regional levels in Uganda with the following objectives (1) to create an information and knowledge forum for continuous engagement of AEAS actors at sub-national, national, regional and continental CSA events; (2) To strengthen capacities of national AEAS actors to participate and contribute to implementation of CSA activities; (3) to facilitate the uptake and up-scaling of CSA innovations, technologies and practices by all stakeholders; and (4) engage stakeholders in the CSA discourse and profile CSA initiatives in Uganda. It is against this backdrop that the proposed CSA Stakeholders’ Dialogue is organized.

The dialogue was aimed at drawing experiences from a range of stakeholders concerning their engagements in CSA related projects and activities regarding policy interventions, research and implementation and to discuss the current capacities of AEAS to deliver effective CSA interventions so as to inform both policy and practice with regard to building resilient agri-food systems in Uganda in pursuit of National Development Goals.

The main objectives of this dialogue were to; 1) to develop a common understanding of CSA and its central role in developing resilience of agri-food systems; (2) highlight current capacities (gaps and needs) for effective country-wide CSA service delivery (3) agree on key policy recommendations for ensuring Agri-food systems resilience  and (4) establish a national CSA steering platform to promote integration of agreed policy recommendations at national and local government levels to ensure quick uptake of CSA practices across the country. 5. Mapping of participants CSA interventions/initiatives. 56  participants; 34 males and 22 females attending the workshop from the following organisations; Uganda Forum for Agriculture and Advisory Services (UFAAS), Uganda Landcare Network (ULN), Uganda Change Agent (UCA) , Mal Agribusiness, Makerere University, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), NACORRI, IITA, NARO  and Epicentre, Farmers media, Ministry of Local Gorvnement (MoLG), Uganda Christian University (UCU), Farm Radio International, WOCAT  and of the 56 , 14 attended on line.