Community Based Trainers training on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

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Uganda Landcare Network (ULN) in Partnership with GIZ, District Local Gorvnement and District Farmers Cooperatives (DFA) in Lango and Acholi organised a 3 days training workshop on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Practices involving 55 selected Community Based Facilitators (CBT’s) in the 3 clusters under the PRUDEV project sites under GIZ in 6 Districts of Acholi and Lango sub-region. The training was conducted at Pacific Grand hotel, Lira for Lira – Oyam Cluster and Amolator – Dokolo Cluster from 6th -12th August 2020 and at Pelican Hotel in Kitgum for Kitgum –Agago Cluster from 13th -16th August 2020 followed by Napak District from 23rd-27th March 2021. The training was organized in response to a need to take through the CBT through a training manual on CSA practices and equip them with skills and knowledge on how to use the CSA training manual to roll out similar trainings among rural farmer groups through enhanced skills.

Emphasis was on understanding the following key concepts and modules: Module A: Climate Change, Weather and Science, Module B: Climate change impacts on Agriculture and food security, Module C:  Climate Smart Agriculture, Module D: Climate Smart Agriculture practices and the GALS (Gender Action and Learning Methodology) with the ultimate goals of developing site and group specific work plans for rolling out trainings to farmer groups.

The training articulated the importance of building the capacity of Community Based Trainers (CBT’s) to acquire skills and hands on training to use the CSA manual in training farmer groups and local mentoring system for farmers to build resilience to cope with climate change, enhance self-esteem, harness knowledge sharing and maximise networking opportunities across a wide range of stakeholders – farmers (small, medium and large scale farmer who are in and not in groups. 

CSA Training Manual