Our Motto : Harnessing Natural Resources, Transforming Livelihoods and Landscapes.
bunyonyi conference

Conference Invitation and Thematic Scope

Uganda Landcare Network (ULN) – A national landcare platform for land care stewardship in partnership with local, continental and global Landcare platforms is launching a Biennial National Landcare Conference and Awards (NLCA) in Uganda in November 2019. This unique event is positioned to bring together landcare platforms, champion farmers / land users, academia and other stakeholders from grassroots organisations, local and international NGOs, and researchers, to multilateral organisations and government agencies from around the world to advance understanding of the ‘landcare approach’ and its linkages to food security, environment conservation and landscape restoration. Convening the NLCA creates opportunities for participants to learn from each other and contribute towards scaling sustainable land management (SLM) practices across landscapes The conference programme is strategically structured to provide opportunities for participants to share experiences, successes, and strategies while building synergies for new emerging perspectives on SLM. Further, the conference is an opportunity for the national Landcare fraternity in Uganda to adopt a declaration with common commitments to pro landcare actions during the ULN General Assembly.

Our Objectives

Improved knowledge management for natural resource management outcomes among communities, policy makers, technocrats and partners

Capacity built for ULN member organizations and stakeholders.

Institutional mechanisms developed for Landcare in Uganda

Our Reports

These reports were compiled after meetings conducted by the ULN members and stakeholders.


Our Partners

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