Uganda Landcare Network Strategic Plan (2015-2019)

Report on the ULN Stakeholders (25th November, 2014)
April 27, 2017


Entire humanity relies on natural resources in some way. Investing in protection and enhancement of the natural resources is therefore essential.

Amidst alarming land degradation levels across the country, documented literature on natural resource management gives an impression of some great changes in the area of land management. However, a lot is still missing and there is no such thing like free lunch. It requires big eyes and bigger ideas and collective action. Thus the registration of Uganda Land Care Network (ULN) and consequent consolidation of this Strategic Plan – presents a significant milestone.

We applaud all efforts at secretariat level especially all those who have dedicated their time to reach where we are now. Many policies, projects and programs have been implemented in Uganda with varying success. ULN aims to build on these successes and failures to add value. But it will require knowledge, commitment and capacity by all those involved… and sacrifice on the part of some. But making a difference does not require complex technology/science. What is required is cultivating stewardship among actors on the land while catalyzing a collective action for greater impacts on livelihoods and landscapes. Once this has happened, the passion and motivation go higher – to achieve more and more.

The ULN Strategic Plan provides the critical leverage point to plan ahead towards restoration and regeneration of degraded landscapes in Uganda This Plan brings out the message clearly that Government, its people and its partners have a duty to address the natural resource management challenges and spur economic growth and make a significant difference to the quality of life of Ugandans in the long term. Encourage everyone to invest in harnessing our natural resources for better livelihoods.

Francis Byekwaso (PhD) Chairman – Uganda Landcare Network

Strategic Plan 2015-2019